Addiction Billing Service and Consulting

Lucrative Consulting specializes in Billing, Training, and Consulting for the addiction treatment industry.

Substance Abuse Billing Services

In the billing industry, every addiction treatment center, rehab and other organizations that deal with substance abuse have their own requirements.  Medical billing and substance abuse billing are not the same thing. With our reputed Substance Abuse Billing Services, the individual and customized needs of every organization can be met.

Addiction treatment centers have to put all their focus on client care. Substance abuse is one of the most common forms of addiction. It requires constant help in a drug rehab with monitoring of clients to prevent relapse and help them stay committed to their recovery. Lucrative Consulting will help you so your organization can focus on what is important – your clients and their families. We will handle the insurance process from the beginning to the end of their care, “Providing Quality Billing So You Can Focus On Healing”.


Lucrative Consulting not only offers exceptional UR and billing services, we also offer consulting services. We realize that many companies do have internal billing departments and staff that just need a little bit of help to fine tune their processes or get back on track. We can help you with auditing of charts and consulting on clinical notes to educating staff on billing best practices. The services we offer are beneficial in saving you time, money and resources and will equip you to succeed!