Benefit’s of third party

Consistent, complete billing is important for facilities that depend on the revenue from insurance billing—getting it wrong may be costly and wasteful. Outsourcing your billing can help you ensure that it is done correctly and that you are paid on time and completely for the Client care you provide.

Third-party billing can also help reduce paperwork around your office and office space, ensure that specialists are assisting with your billing, and can help reduce or prevent billing and authorization errors.



It may be more affordable for you to outsource your billing, because you can avoid hiring in-house staff. This can save personnel costs such as pay, benefits, and training expenses. You would not have to supervise anyone, either. If you have office assistants at your clinic, they can fulfill other responsibilities instead of working on billing. This can reduce your overhead and help free up financial resources for other aspects of your treatment operations.

Ongoing reporting


Lucrative Consulting can provide you with ongoing reports. This way, you can know more about how successful the business side of your treatment center is and what, if anything, you need to do in order to make your billing process more successful. This can help you avoid micromanaging your office employees. Instead, you can request a quick report on your billing and check up on how that side of your business is going.


Registration and certification transfers are at no cost.

You will be billed on the date of your previous credential’s expiration. On that date, you will be asked to begin paying standard registration or certification fees. Complimentary registration or certification until your previous credential expires is our way of thanking you for joining us in moving the profession forward in unity.

Certification or registration must be current in order to transfer. The preferred method of verification is your actual certificate.

You can verify your status online with your current certifying organization: Click here for CAADE or Click here for CADTP

Transfer applications are quick and easy. Please take a moment to complete the online transfer form for certification or registration by clicking one of the links below. Your application will be promptly reviewed. You will recive an electronic copy of your proof of registration or certificate in your digital wallet. You may print these as you wish. For certified counselors, a hard copy, frameable version of your certificate will also be mailed to you.

Click Here for the DHCS Information Notice 17-067 on Certifying Organizations Status

Click here for CAADE/CCAPP joint statment on transfer process.

Click on the credential that describes your current certification and experience to be taken to the corresponding application:

Have questions? Click here to check out our frequently asked questions about CAADE transfers to CCAPP 



Breaking Free with Horses Equine Assisted-Psychotherapy,  located in Riverside county, is now offering Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of substance abuse and its related issues. We have several services provided. We understand that overcoming addiction is a huge challenge and Breaking Free with Horses has a huge solution! Our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program is comprised of a team-led by a licensed professional Counselor and an equine specialist, both trained and credentialed in the tested, ethical EAGALA Model. The process is deeply felt and highly experiential. The challenges of working with the horses become clear metaphors for the real world challenges every client faces. Working through solutions with a strong, highly-intuitive 1,200 pound animal grabs and holds the client’s attention, demands their full focus and attention to problem-solving and results in honest, immediate feedback that can be emotionally powerful.

As an EAGALA certified facility, Breaking Free with Horses is required to maintain a high standard of practice, and code of ethics. Ongoing and continuing education, replicable framework, and the standard of utilizing a team approach are combined to make the EAGALA model a successful treatment program! Under the EAGALA Model, both a License Professional Counselor and a certified Equine Specialist work collaboratively to ensure clients get the therapeutic attention and support they need as they make life changes.

Oh…..let’s not forget one of our most important team members, “The Horse”!


The most effective work happens on the ground.

The EAGALA Model involves no riding or horsemanship, making it both safe and effective. Clients work directly with horses face-to-face on the same footing. This ground level work enables clients to better perceive the horses’ actions and reactions as they work to process and solve their life challenges. Under the trained eye of the EAGALA Treatment Team, horses offer clients honest feedback and usable information that helps them understand how their process and actions affect others and impacts their lives.


The EAGALA Model is client-centered and solution-oriented.

Equine Assisted-Psychotherapy is built on the ground that it’s the clients who best determine the kind of life changes they need to make in order to improve their lives. The job of the EAGALA Treatment Team is to put the EAGALA Model to work to meet the clients’ goals by engaging the unique, intuitive power of horses to help them understand their process and practice the changes they want to make in a safe, supportive setting.

Most of our clients in recovery live in two very distinct worlds:

A supportive world of meetings, therapy and recovery talk and the hard, unforgiving world of everything else. You’ve seen it too many times. Our clients can say the words with total conviction but when they hit a roadblock in that hard, unforgiving world, recovery can go off the rails. What’s missing is a place and a process to translate recovery talk into recovery action. What’s needed is hands-on practice putting recovery principles to work, without fear of judgment or the real-world consequences that can lead to relapse. The mental health professionals, equine specialists and horses making up The EAGALA Network offer the healing place and proven process that can help you help your clients succeed at walking the walk.

Call now for more information 951.443.9758

For more information on Eagala Click here  

Acknowledgments:  In the development of this information, we extend our deepest appreciation to EAGALA, and all those who have come before us!

Breaking Free of Addiction Counseling & Services in Riverside Ca is here to help those struggling with addiction.

Breaking Free of Addiction Counseling & Services in Riverside Ca, is available and here to help! Completion of a drug and alcohol treatment program is a huge accomplishment for the recovering addict. However, it doesn’t mean they are cured and their work is done. The individual is still at risk for relapse, falling back into old behaviors, repeating unhealthy patterns or habits, and many other factors that may require careful planning and further education on the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Continuum of care is highly beneficial and leads to a positive outcome in the life of the recovering addict and their loved ones. Seeking individual Addiction counseling for substance abuse is a mark of quality self-care for any individual who is transitioning from a rehab center, readying to return to their life, or anyone who is struggling with using drugs/alcohol and/or if treatment is just not an option for you. Breaking Free of Addiction Counseling & treatment in Riverside Ca, focus on Stressors or challenges at work, school, in the home with family, health, finances, or maybe you had a slip and need to get back on track. The primary goal is to prevent a relapse by providing the individual with some perspective, support, guidance, insight, cognitive behavioral counseling and resources which will help to get the individual steadily on (or to more assuredly remain) on the road to recovery. Breaking free of addiction counseling in Riverside Ca, the counselor takes on the role of a coach or a collaborative partner, encouraging you to find your own internal sources of motivation to remain clean and sober while developing a positive lifestyle, relapse prevention and other beneficial modalities to help in the recovery process. Breaking Free of Addiction counseling & treatment can help you overcome the ambivalence and fear that keep you from getting clean and healthy. Breaking Free of addiction is here to let you don’t have to do this alone, if you’re ready to change your life and break free of your addiction. A Licensed Substance abuse Professional specializing in Addiction Treatment services with a Private Practice surrounding Riverside County. Breaking Free of Addiction is ready to assist you or your loved one. Check out all of the services provided. Don’t wait call Breaking Free of Addiction today! 951.443.9758. Breaking Free of Addiction Counseling & treatment in Riverside Ca.

If you are in need of Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization or IOP Breaking Free of Addiction has a excellent referral source that takes insurance in assisting you in Southern California!

Don’t wait pick up the phone, You are not alone!

11th National Counseling Advances Conference

March 7 – 9, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

Come join us as Lucrative Consulting will be exhibiting! Our first Introduction to the profession! Cant wait to see you there!

Special Focus 

This conference addresses the most relevant and cutting edge topics for today’s mental health, addiction and other helping professionals. Attendees will be able to hear the latest research along with practical counseling strategies and take away advanced skills and techniques.  It offers a comprehensive view and updates along with focusing in-depth workshops to provide participants an opportunity to interact with a faculty of leading clinicians and authors as well as other attendees.


Topics Include: 

Redirecting Resistance; Sex, Desire and Relationships; Trauma and Disassociation; Addressing the Opioid Epidemic; Evolving Science of Addiction and Recovery; Living and Lying in Cyberspace; Mastering the Anxiety Game; The Changing Landscape of Addiction; Transformative Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques; Managing Co-occurring Disorders; Strategies for Worriers; The Problem Can Be the Solution; Cannabis Use Disorder; Treating OCD; Dealing with Resistance; Nutrition and Mental Health; Internal Control Therapy; Lifestyle Strategies and Depression; Managing Emotion and Moods; Brain Chemistry Lifehacks; Increasing Positivity; Trauma and Addiction; Ethics; Suicidality and more.

Who Should Attend?
Enjoy networking with those working in the areas of:
• Mental Health
• Addictions Counseling
• Marriage and Family Therapy
• Psychology
• School Counseling
• Registered Nursing
• Courts and Corrections
• Prevention
• Employee Assistance
• Pastoral Counseling
• And Other Fields

Conference Objectives
Participants will be able:
1. Identify treatment approaches and develop counseling skills for a range of issues in mental health, behavioral health, addictions and co-occurring disorders.
2. Identify the neuropsychological and neurobiological underpinnings of addictive disorders, compulsive behaviors and other problematic behavior and the therapeutic implications of these findings.
3. Identify effective therapeutic approaches for the treatment of trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety the resistant client, as well as a range of co-occurring disorders.
4. Identify clinical applications of recent key scientific research and its implications in psychotherapy and counseling.






 PLAYING The United States of Addiction: Body Brokering

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors continue to examine the opioid epidemic in our United States of Addiction series, this time we investigate the fraudulent profiting off of those suffering from addiction, which is called body brokering. A body broker is a transporter who receives kickbacks from sober home operators for bringing in addicts who have good health insurance.

The Doctors are joined by parents Victoria and Jerry, whose son Skyler is dealing with drug addiction. They claim they were victims of body brokering after their son left his treatment facility in Florida and was then transferred to numerous treatment centers and sober homes every few weeks. Jerry says he was soon caught up in an ongoing cycle. Jerry tells The Doctors a pattern emerged where Skyler was checking into a new detox center on Sunday and then checking out later in the week on Friday and eventually ending up in a new location. They claim the goal is for patients to continue to relapse in order to keep them in a cycle of different rehab centers in order to keep profiting off of their insurance.

Watch: Disturbing Details of Body Brokering

Victoria and Jerry say the prime target is people age 18 to 25 who are still on their parent’s insurance. Jerry says having an insurance card is a “gateway” for body brokering. Jerry says that Skyler also told them conditions at these fraudulent centers were terrible with allegations of medication withholding, not providing food and even alleged forced sex.

Skyler’s parents say they have personally spent upwards of $75,000 of their money and their insurance has been billed somewhere between $500,000 to $600,000 for the multiple treatment facilities that Skyler was in.

Dr. Barry Reiman, the founder of Satori Waters, joins the show to explain more about this issue. He says in 2016 Florida passed a law making patient brokering a third-degree felony. Prior to this, he recounts how body brokers would often wait outside AA meetings and would target addicts giving them drugs and money to lure them into a new program.

Watch: I Was a Victim of Body Brokering

Amanda, who was a victim of body brokering in Florida, survived being caught in this cycle. She tells The Doctors she saw rampant drug use, people overdosing and drug paraphernalia in these treatment centers. So how did she break the cycle?

“I knew that if I stayed there I was either going to die or it was just going to be same insanity over and over again,” she shares of her breaking point. After losing a close friend to drug addiction, Amanda says she was inspired her to finally get sober and she’s been clean since July of 2016.

In order to avoid being the victim of body brokering, Dr. Reiman shares red flags to watch out for, which include:

  • Promises of free rent from a treatment center or sober home
  • Free airfare to the center or sober house
  • A center approving a patient without an assessment or knowing anything clinical
  • An offer of drugs before taking someone to detox
  • An offer of money to come to a come to treatment center

The Doctors encourage anyone who believes they or a loved one is a victim of body brokering to contact the police or the district attorney.

Victoria and Jerry’s insurance company released a statement to The Doctors, reading, “Our first concern is the health and well-being of customers, and providing access to appropriate, quality care provided by contracted drug rehabilitation facilities. Unfortunately, there are those who will take advantage of vulnerable people, which is a toxic byproduct of our nation’s burgeoning drug epidemic.  We have extensive processes in place to prevent and detect fraud, to help protect patients and their families, the community, and support legitimate rehab centers.”