Consistent, and complete billing is important for facilities that depend on the revenue from insurance billing—getting it wrong may be costly and wasteful. Outsourcing your billing can help you ensure that it is done correctly and that claims are paid completely and on time for the client care you provide.

Third-party billing helps reduce paperwork around your office, ensures that specialists are assisting with your billing, and can help prevent billing and authorization errors.


Outsourcing billing services has proven to be an affordable option as opposed to hiring in-house staff. Savings on personnel costs such as pay, benefits, and training expenses allows you to reduce your overhead and helps free up financial resources for other aspects of your clinic or treatment center’s operations. With this savings you can focus on the business of client care.

Ongoing reporting

Lucrative Consulting provides you with monthly claims processing reports that help reveal how successful your business is and what, if anything, you need to do in order to make your business more successful. This report will assist you in forecasting revenue and allow you to make decisions with confidence as your business grows.


Consistency is key

Third party billing offers your business more consistency. Process inconsistencies, or personnel inconsistencies can lead to billing errors and potential audits by medical insurance companies.  Mistakes can be costly and may delay payments to your business.

Lucrative Consulting provides the consistency you are looking for. With highly trained, credentialed staff, timely billing, and claims follow-ups and our weekly billing reporting you can rest assured you will see the stability you are looking for.

Third Party Billers and Billing Best Practices

Why have one of your office staff file occasional claims as part of their job responsibilities, when you can outsource this part of your work and have an experienced and certified team do your billing for you? It is very difficult to keep a small number of people in your office well trained and informed on the latest billing practices. A third-party biller, however, can maintain an experienced team of billing professionals who are knowledgeable of billing best practices and will ensure that your client’s benefits are utilized for the maximum level of care.

Billing best practices also reduces your liability. Lucrative Consulting uses experienced, knowledgeable and certified staff who are continually educated in industry standards, insurance law and ethics and compliance. While you are still responsible for doing your own due diligence to ensure that your business is being conducted and represented properly, with Lucrative Consulting working on your behalf you can minimize your liability by having us team with you to grow and build your business.

Ready for Outsourcing?

Are you ready to outsource? Lucrative Consulting is ready to help!!  Let us help you reduce costs and improve revenue figures. In turn, you can focus more on providing great quality care to your clients instead of focusing on billing paperwork and filing. Lucrative Consulting can take away some of the hassle of running your treatment center, making your own job easier. You may be surprised by how much of your time a billing service can free up for more important work.