When obtaining an authorization, handling concurrent reviews or collaborating with the insurance companies, the case managers on the call are Licensed and have degrees. They make that clear in the beginning of each call.

 The majority of other billing companies do not have licensed, degreed or certified clinicians that are experienced in the industry, however at Lucrative Consulting our staff are exceptionally qualified with years of experience.  This is a valuable benefit to having us on your team.

Having qualified staff handling an individuals plan of care should be mutual from every aspect. Don’t you agree? Your clients deserve qualified individuals handling their treatment and providing quality care. Let us do our part in maximizing their benefits with our qualified team.

Billing Service's

Lucrative Consulting specializes in Medical Billing, Chemical Dependency, Training and Consulting in the fields of substance abuse, mental health and psychotherapy, eating disorders, plastic surgery, acupuncture, physical therapy and the dental industry.

In the billing industry every specialty or field of service has their own requirements.  For instance, medical services billing and substance abuse billing are not billed the same way. Our reputable staff can assist with the individual and customized needs of every organization, and insure that they are met EFFICIENTLY.

Our Focus

Lucrative Consulting well help your organization focus on what is important…..your CLIENTS! We allow you the freedom to focus on your client’s and their family’s needs while we handle the payments and insurance process from the beginning to the end of their care.

Whether we are assisting with substance abuse billing for an Addiction Treatment Center or billing dental services, Lucrative Consulting will verify benefits, advise and handle all aspects of the billing process. Our expert billing staff are experienced in billing basic to the most specialized services, and handling claims for Medi-Cal, Medicare and Private Insurance companies across the nation. From billing to collections our goal is to get the maximum amount collected for YOU!


Lucrative Consulting collaborates with you and the insurance company’s while advocating for our clients. Our team will manage client cases from the first performed service to the last, or intake to discharge. Our personnel can perform the initial verification of benefits and will handle the initial pre-certifications. Based on service industry and services provided we will handle concurrent reviews, and participate in the daily operations of the Utilization Review, Admissions and Clinical Departments. We know your time is valuable. Our services take the headache out of billing and allow you to focus on what you do best!

because we are not just another billing company

Mental Health & Medical Billing Services

Lucrative Consulting can provide you with fast and accurate billing, follow-up on collections, an information resource sensitive to physician, staff, and patient questions; a source of reports, and assistance with processing insurance claims and meeting complex compliance issues.

Keeping Your Records Up to Date

Record-keeping requirements continue to grow in patient care. Accurate and proper record keeping is essential for correct billing. A medical billing company can help ensure that you meet these requirements, maintain your records properly, keep your records current, and are able to access any information from your records quickly and efficiently.

Claims Processing

If you need assistance with processing claims, patient billing, or meeting compliance issues, you will want to explore medical billing services. If you are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with industry changes, Lucrative Consulting can save you time and money. If you are tired of dealing with insurance carriers or dissatisfied with your collection rate, Lucrative Consulting service can be of immense value.

Utilization Review Services

At Lucrative Consulting our Utilization Review Specialist makes sure that your clients obtain the coverage they need. Our goal is to obtain the highest level of care for the longest duration possible within their insurance guidelines for medical necessity. From the begging to the end of a Clients stay in your care, you can count on our Licensed or Certified, experienced, and skilled team to advocate for your clients and hold payers accountable to the commitment they made to their members.

New Practices

Starting any new business can be difficult, especially, one that involves complex coding and compliance issues. If your medical practice or substance abuse treatment center is new and you are just getting started, Lucrative Consulting can help you concentrate on the actual practice of medicine and relieve you of overseeing billing issues or recruiting and training employees to do the job. Most important relieve you of the time and has to treat your clients

Let us help you grow!

Our qualified team will give you the personal attention you need to continue insurance coverage for your clients continuum of care, while your staff are treating Individuals and helping them heal.